Dr. Nicole Srednicki

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A comprehensive medical program will be designed specifically for you! We feel that this is a great opportunity to deliver proper wellness therapeutics for a measurable period without the intrusion of a toxic environment, as described in Dr. Gopalan’s book. 

This all-inclusive program will focus on internal and external wellness initiatives; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, as well as Anti-Aging.

By staying on premise for an extended period of time, this allows us to briefly take you out of your environment and initiate the process of change in an accelerated and supportive fashion.
"I stayed at the retreat for 9 days and had a complete transformational experience! Dr. Srednicki's medical expertise is unbelievable! She was so detailed in my medical workup and recommendations. Dr. Gopalan taught meditation in a way that was so easy to understand, making it much easier to practice! I never realized I could like healthy food... the chef was outstanding. I've gotten many compliments on my skin and youthful appearance after the PRP facelift. I feel better than I did when I was in my 50's! The therapies have had lasting effects. The experience was truly incredible and I will be coming back next year with my wife".
New York Client

Retreats range from 3-14 days

Example Retreat Package:

(Pricing varies depending on length of stay, medical needs, and additions)

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