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Did you know that you can slow your biological aging? We now have a biological age test to determine if your internally aging faster than your chronological age. Anti-aging is a lifestyle. We customize programs to optimize your health

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Weight Management

It is important to first identify what is contributing to weight gain and/or preventing weight loss. Do you have stubborn excess weight? Maybe you ARE doing the right things but your body is toxic, which can cause weight gain. Are your hormones properly balanced? This can cause your metabolism to slow, resulting in excess weight. Do you have a nutritional imbalance? We do testing to identify possible causes. We utilize modern and effective therapies and treatment programs according to lifestyle and goals.

Keeping you healthy inside and looking youthful on the outside!


“Friends keep asking me, “How did you lose so much weight? I reply, ” Diet and exercise was not working. With Dr.Nicole’s guidance, I stopped trying to lose weight and focused on getting healthy. My weight went down as my health went up. Best of all rather than getting older and weaker, I am getting stronger and healthier.”

Robert Kiyosaki

Author of Best Selling Book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“I have been incredibly blessed by this customized care to treat ongoing symptoms and side effects for breast cancer and Lyme disease. Dr.Srednicki has developed protocols including regular detailed lab work, detox protocols, laser intravenous therapy and heavy metal chelation. She takes the time to really hear my concerns and has become an advocate for me. She continues to research the best protocols for my immune system and I get the amazing benefit of anti-aging medicine while receiving customized IV treatments.”

Brian Cox

HBO Succession, Golden Globe winner, Actor

Dr Nicole literally saved my life. As a busy business person I have always been very conscious of my health. As a result, I engaged in annual health exams from renown health institutions for years. Yet Dr Nicole detected a severe genetic condition that had been overlooked for years. Due to her detection, immediate plan of action and routine treatments, that condition is now under control and no longer organ threatening. At age 70, I am still climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with TWO good knees thanks to her treatments and interventions. This summer will be my 12th summit. Her regular precise detail blood analysis continually detects any abnormalities which are simply treated by great nutrition, simple supplements, being surrounded by the best medical specialists in the community and coupling both health development and personal development care. Her medical services are more like an elite concierge service in which you are pampered, pushed and cared for.

Blair Singer

Author, Entrepreneur

” I have worked with a lot of people in this field to help me with a few things I’ve been struggling with health wise, for years. Nothing really helped me as quickly and efficiently as working withNicole. I’m beyond thankful to have been referred to her because as a professional athlete and someone who travels a lot, my physical health is always a priority. Obviously, this was a concern. So far she is my only success story in 8 years of working with specialists in all spaces, in regards to simply feeling so much better, I’m grateful to have her in my corner.”

Tania Tare

LPGA- Pro Golfer, Trick Shot