Second Opinion: 8 Deadly Diseases–Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, You Power: Together They Could Save Your Life


Dr. Radha Gopalan, gifted heart transplant cardiologist, addresses the confusion and medical mixed messages related to health, wellness, and illness from a unique and powerful perspective that blends his experiences with both Eastern and Western medicine. He delivers not only concepts and personal stories that can change the way you think about health and wellness, but assesses the most common medical conditions that impact our world-from obesity and cancer do lung, liver, kidney, and heart disease. This book was born from 30 years of seeking answers to some intriguing-and sometimes troubling-observations…of people, disease, diagnoses, health, current trends in healthcare systems, and spirituality. In Second Opinion, Dr. Gopalan will explain: How Eastern and Western medicine can work together for optimum health and wellness, How your You Power can shape your personality, reactions, health, and happiness. Why some people who eat healthy, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle have heart attacks. Why your health is affected more by who you are… than by what you do.



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