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21-Day Detox Program


This superior cleanse program, utilizes carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, formulated into proprietary blends to support positive wellness outcomes for a body and mind “reset”.

The goals of the program are:
· Developing and sustaining new eating habits
· Increased energy
· Weight loss
· Less food cravings
· Better digestion
· Less brain fog
· Sleep improvement
· Skin/hair improvement
· Reduced joint pain
· Reduced inflammation


This program supports the body’s ability to cleanse and filter the tissues, cells, and organs of environmental toxins such as pesticides, chemicals, food additives, heavy metals, and pollution.

The program diet consists of nutrient-rich shakes, and clean, well balanced, foods. These include vegetables, fruits, pseudo-grains (lentils, quinoa, etc.), and proteins.

Kit Contents:
~ Blood Detox Protein Powder
~ Colon Detox Capsules
~ Liver Detox Capsules
~ Weight Loss Support Capsules

*Prior to starting any detox cleanse medical consult is recommended.

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