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I have worked with a lot of people in this field to help me with a few things I've been struggling with health wise, for years. Nothing really has helped me as quickly and efficiently as working with Nicole. I'm beyond thankful to have been referred to her because as a professional athlete and someone who travels a lot, my physical health is always a priority. I felt my immune system was often compromised easily and it began to effect my productivity. Obviously, this was a concern. So far she is my only success story in 8 years of working with specialists in all spaces, in regards to simply feeling so much better. I'm grateful to have her in my corner.
Tania Tare

Cutting-Edge Therapy

IV Nutrient Infusions, IV Chelation, IV Amino-acids, Custom Compounded Medications, Bio-Identicle Hormones and Vitamins, Stem Cell and Exosomes, IV Phototherapy

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Dr. Nicole Srednicki ultra healthy human Antioxidant Therapy

Lifestyle Enhancement

Antioxidant Therapy, Anti-Aging Techniques, Internal Purification, IV Vitamins and Nutrients, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Custom Nutrition, Hormone and epi-genetic Optimization, Stress Management, Sleep Optimization, Energy Enrichment, Brain Health

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